Lifting Others Up And Myself Too


Dont just be good

I’m a wife and I provide a comfortable home with dinners made in the evening, and the bed made, and a clean environment.  I am a friend to my husband and listen to his concerns and help to be a caregiver.  I am his other half, his loving companion, and enjoy being his wife.

I am a mother and a Mimi, and I am there for the concerns of my children and grandchildren.  I will always be there to provide comfort and guidance.  I am there as a friend and a listener.  I will always care for and give hope when it is needed.  I will show my faith and forever be their protectors.

I am a friend who can be trusted, and will try to do my best to be an advocate and supporter of hopes and dreams.  I will listen to concerns and joys, and be with my friends during good and at turbulent times.  I am there for times of need and pain.  And I will rejoice in the accomplishments.

I am a warrior, and a fighter of mental health equality.  I have strength that others know nothing about.  I have fought my own demons, and I have conquered hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia.  And I have fought through fear for years upon years.  I am strong and I am a fighter.  I believe that the mind deserves the same attention as physical illness and health.

And I am me.  I am unique.  I have compassion and am trustworthy.  I love with my whole heart and will fight for those that I love.  I need to replenish my spirit when time allows, or make the time to do that.  Making time for me is essential to who I am, and to how I can be of service to others.  Recharging my own spirit gives me balance.


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