Difficulties Wont Distract Me


God knows what he is doing

So I spent the last two hours working on a new menu for my blog site.  It came out perfect (or to my liking).  I titled the menu “For a Higher Purpose”.  I had numerous previous menus and I want to show God’s work in my life in my writing, so I felt that the title was appropriate.  I then pressed the button to publish it without first saving it, and it was GONE!  Two hours of work gone so quickly.  I was shocked.  What had I done.  I thought about restarting my efforts, and then got up, ate, got dressed – all while contemplating what to do now.

In a moment’s time I found myself thinking about my morning prayers and the peacefulness of the day as I worked on my project.  My reading from the Bible today was about the peacefulness of God.  Then I could hear the familiar known ways of Satan in past bible studies and church, that the more you work toward getting to know God, the more distractions and set-backs are put in your way.  Satan doesn’t want God’s love to be spread around.  He wants failure and negative thinking.  He wants fear and chaos.  Though in the midst of thinking about my lost efforts, I thought about the title of my menu again – For a Higher Purpose.  And the ramifications of spreading the love of God could be detrimental to the chaos.  And to stay above that, the peace of God ran through me.  I found myself smiling through the frustration.  No I wont let myself be distracted.

The same rings true for everything that is going on in my life.  Life can be complicating and confusing and filled with fear and chaos, but it is with the knowledge that I know that God is in control that I can go forward confidently.  The distractions are trials and fear can be overcome.  I am placing my trust and faith in God and I know that everything will work out for the best.  All will be okay.

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