Visualize What You Want

Being creative and having a good time while I’m doing it is amazing.  So why not make a vision board of the desires of my heart.  I did this once in a partial hospitalization program while I was recovering from a depressive episode.  It was not only fun (once I started it), it helped me to focus my energy for my future.  So I thought about it and had an array of old magazines that I had recently went through and decided “why not”.  I got these magazines together one night and started to flip through the pages.  My initial goal was to find words or phrases that contributed to different areas of my life – my home, my blogging, my family, my health, my vacation or summer fun time.  As I went through the pages, more and more inspiration and thoughts came out of it, and I cut those words and phrases out.  Then I found pictures to go with my words.  It became a game of what more could I find.  I wanted more goals and fun to add to my collage.  My mind drifted to the way I wanted to run my house, camping in the summer, spending time with my family, being healthy and active, believing that Emerging Triumphant in personal areas of life are going to be attained, peacefulness, joy, laughing, and venturing out, plus much more.  I cut out all of the pieces.  Why not have an art project with my desires and ambitions?

Art Project

Vision Board

I remember once being asked by someone to take a picture with one of my funny faces depicted for the photo, and I displayed this “no way” kind of attitude.  And my daughter who was thirty-one at the time simply asked me, “how old are you”?  She was really saying “don’t be so old”.  So in essence I say, be young and have fun and have goals and desires.  Truly putting this vision board together and putting it in an area where I will frequently see it actually focuses my mind to my future hearts desires.  And what I think of frequently so will it be.  Try it.  It works!

Adult Coloring to Peacefulness

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