Being Thankful for Every Blessing




How could I possibly think that I’m living the dream.  Well, I have a beautiful home.  I have a husband that loves and cares for me.  I have grown children that I love with all my heart.  They are all caring, compassionate adults, they have done well for themselves, and they love me for who I am.  I have neighbors that are wonderful and caring.  I now have the time that I am able to spend with my children, and I’m able to help them as needed.  I have two beautiful granddaughters, that are sweet and loving.  We are not rich, but we get by and are comfortable.  We travel occasionally, and now we have a great RV.  We have a warm home, a yard that we have our garden in, and a field for snow-shoeing in the winter.  We have a dog that is loyal and smart.  And cats, well, they love being loved.  Life is as good as I make it.  And I say it is quite good.  So, yes, this is the dream.


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