End Of Life Grace

End of Life Grace

The firefighters put her on the backboard and strapped her down.  Her ability to be able to walk was gone, and it was imperative that she be able to go downstairs into the living room area and spend time with family and friends.  She needed to continue to socialize and be her happy, spirited self.  So her hospital bed was moved from the bedroom to the downstairs living area, and the firefighters began carrying her down the stairs.  And instead of being scared or fearful in any way, she was giddy (though filled with physical pain) and joking with the helpers about how handsome and cute they were.  She was chuckling and thankful to her rescuers that had started to get to know her from previous calls to the home.  The true love of God was so present throughout her whole being in those last weeks of her life.  There was a grace that could be felt in the way she lived.  It was an honor to be associated and to be the daughter of a woman with such strength and dignity of character.



© Can Stock Photo / SergeyNivens