Lean Not On Your Own Understanding


Understanding and really getting what the verses of the Bible teach us is so difficult at times.  I thank God for all of the teachers of the Bible – the scholars that decipher and try to make sense of all of the workings of God.  It is quite the job and my admiration is with them.  For me just to truly understand my Life Verse was a hard lesson to grasp.


Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.


What a beautiful and straightforward message, right?  Follow the teachings of God.  Lean on him for all that you need.  Acknowledge that he is your God.

The tricky part for me was “lean not on your own understanding”.  Whew…  What a hard part of that scripture for me to understand.  Yes, it took me quite some time to say, “Lord, I get what you are saying”.

Following the teachings of God and to be good, loving, full of grace, caring, understanding that God is fighting my battles and will love me no matter what – though hard to do, I could understand that.  These teachings are broken down for me.  The teachers and pastors of the Word can help me to understand what it is saying.  The hard part (lean not on your own understanding).  Why did I have such a hard time with that part of the scripture?

It was back in the eighties.  I became a born again Christian.  My life seemed put together for a twenty year old with three small children.  I had been married for four years by then.  But inwardly (and in my own household) I was crumbling under the stress of my marriage, and the opposite levels of patience in our methods of caring for our children.

It was taught to me that I must be submissive to my husband.  However, the remaining lesson to understand is also that a husband must love his wife as Christ loved the church.  That part was left out somehow, or did I not hear it?  Anyway, being submissive to anger is a brutal job which had me imploding.  If I could have been a firecracker, I would have exploded in the palm of a closed hand.  My emotions were bottled so thoroughly that praying without ceasing was the norm to get through each assault to my crushed spirit.

Due to my family disposition of having bipolar and the never-ending daily stresses, the trigger had been released and I began having delusions in which I believed that I could read what God was telling me to do.  I followed the indications on the street signs and I could tell which way I needed to go.  One verse from the bible would interpret what I needed to do that day, my mind would guide me through the verses for answers and guidance, songs that came on the radio would either be of the Lord or be brought forth by evil spirits, among many other “signs” (such as color, water – being pure, etc…) were all areas of my own need for answers and guidance.  I was at the point of counting syllables of my sentences on each finger so that I did not end my sentence with the wrong number.  I even got to the point where I was unable to speak due to fear.

I learned the hard way of what it means to “lean not on your own understanding”.  My mind was trying to make sense of what path I should take, when in actuality all I needed to do was trust in God, acknowledge him, and he would show me the way.  Yes, I prayed for help and guidance.  But I was searching for all of the answers.  I truly believed that I saw God’s plan.  Thankfully I am not the all-knowing – God is!

So now what I do is exactly what my Life Verse says.  I TRUST in the Lord with all of my heart and lean NOT on my own understanding (I have Faith in what I can’t see);

I will forever ACKNOWLEDGE him (God as my provider, my healer, my everything – true LOVE and guidance), and he will make my paths straight.  (He will SHOW ME THE WAY).

This was a lesson well learned!


© Can Stock Photo / focalpoint

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