Through My Mother’s Eyes



She saw me…  as a beautiful woman filled with a caring heart and compassionate soul.

She saw me…  with an abundance of kindness for others.

She saw me…  as filled with laughter and a glow from within.

She saw me…  as a mother who loved her children unconditionally.

She saw me…  as a loving wife that gave to her husband without reserve and with her                                 whole being.

She saw me…  as a strong woman who fought to maintain a healthy state of mind.

She saw me…  with a smile for those who needed her.

She saw me…  as a worthy being that contributed to the wholeness of her circle with                                    kindness and a spirit of honesty.

She saw me…  as a loving daughter that gave all of herself in the care of her parents.

She blessed me with the ability to care for and honor myself in the journey ahead with faith and a hope for happiness, laughter, and lasting memories to come.

I will honor her by continuing to be who and what she taught me to be.

My mother, my friend, my angel and guide.

Forever my love.



© Can Stock Photo / photography33

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