The Joy of a Fresh Start




The drizzle is coming down while the sun remains shining brightly.  The beauty of the day has started.  There are so many possibilities.  What will the day hold?

I’m up early and enthusiastic with the upcoming activities.  I’m working on my new craft room, and excited about rearranging, building, and making a beautiful space.  There will be so many activities to choose from.  This is a new beginning to having an endless array of items and activities of picking out my coping skills at my fingertips.

The room will be bright and cheerful.  Favorite items will be within reach.  Perhaps even my care plan will be made into a piece of art.  Why not?

Excitement is building.  I’m happy about redoing a new guest/granddaughter’s room.  Decorating has always been a passion for me.  Creating is fun and joyful as well.

The environment is waiting for the springtime to be introduced into it.  New bright pillows and curtains, fresh stenciling, painting in the rooms to be done.  The newness of the air and temperature is persuading me to begin and move forward.  I feel the joy starting to flow.

Spring is abounding all around!  Take a deep inhalation, and feel the motivation.  I’m ready!!!


© Can Stock Photo / Jag_cz

Serene Joyful Peace

With the upcoming of first, Mother’s Day and then Father’s Day, I thought that it was an appropriate time to repost this.


I was working in my garden today weeding and plucking out the new growth.  As I worked throughout the afternoon, I was amazed that I had three beautiful white butterflies frolicking around me all the time that I was out there.  I have always felt the presence of my mother with butterflies, and that continues to this day.  And seeing the way these fluttering friends danced around with one another in the sunshine gave me a serene joyful peace.  It is days like this and appreciating the true heartfelt lift of joy that I am able to attain when thinking of deeply missed loved ones that makes days like this full of God’s grace.  I know that it is with this joyful peace that they will forever be a part of my life.

I recently felt the beauty of a song that lifted my soul entitled “Bittersweet” by the Zac…

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