It was that all familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach that twisted about and tightened up my gutt.  My breathing became heavier and increased in frequency.  The need to take deep breaths and blow out (subconsciously at first) became evident.  My heart rate increased and began pounding in my chest.  It was almost as if I was lost in a moment in time and could not see anything around me.  The pounding began in my ears – almost like a swishing that went along with my heart.  A tightening pain started to creep up the back of my neck into the base of my skull.  Hyperventilation would ensue, then panic and chaos was all that was left.  Sometimes even pleading for help from someone would be an end result.  Ultimate fear and inner unease scream within my being.  Tears and loss of reasoning ability would be all that was left.  The psychological exhaustion would grip my whole being, and eventual recovery would come slowly.

It gets better.  You’re not alone!  Reach out for support.


Photo by canstock fmarsicano

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