Incorporating Mental Healthcare Into All Facilities



Think of this.  Why not have the insurance companies not separate behavioral/mental healthcare and keep it all together?  Why not have the hospitals treat each patient individually, and if psychiatric care inside a psychiatric facility is needed – so be it.  Yet, perhaps care can be met in the medical facility with staff on board for psychology and with mental health workers.  Let’s not put people who are in need of CARE and ASSISTANCE out on the streets because it is a psychiatric problem and there are no beds available.  Let’s not do away with psychiatric hospitals because at times these facilities can be deemed appropriate, and a means of consideration for these facilities needs to be figured out.  However, how about incorporating care into each medical facility?  Let’s get with the times and make a solution, and not segregate mental healthcare anymore – the human body (including the brain/mind) is a whole entity.

Are there any other ideas, solutions, considerations?


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