Find resilience and bounce back to a stronger, healthier, smarter, more able being after a fall, as if being lifted by the wing of an angel and delicately being placed back into an upright position.  Then while gaining balance and footing, purposefully without hesitation and with driven determination, putting one foot right in front of the other.

There is guidance.  Look up to the heavens and the stars in the darkness, and know that something more exists.  There is purpose for all the chaos that is created on the walk with each day.  There is no such thing as coincidence.  Each passerby, each pleasant smile, or helping hand is in the divine plan.  Just keep a steady gait and move forward toward what will be.

A watchful eye is upon the situation, and believe that with each fall, excellent wisdom is gained.  A new perspective is becoming envisioned and is coming into focus.  The teetering will be steadied, and a beautiful, bold, withstanding, and powerful stance will be created.  Just keep moving forward and all will be made present – in due time.  Resurface stronger.


© Can Stock Photo Inc. / Nejron

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