The Promise Of What Could Be




I was told that it was about two inches high, and that my mom had paid ninety-nine cents for it.  She had bought it over twenty years ago and gave it to my dad for his new office.  The base was about two inches wide and it held about a cup of gravel.  This tiny plant was what “could” be.

As time went on this tiny plant grew swiftly and became strong and tall.  It started to tower over my dad’s desk and was replanted many times.  The leaves became large and dusting it became a ritual.  Before we knew it, the “tiny” plant towered over him while he worked, and leveled itself at the ceiling in the high office building.

When dad died it was left in the foyer of the building as a memorial.  A wooden cross with a plaque on it with my dad’s name and title was put into the large base.  The tree was massive and continued to want to grow taller.  It stood in the foyer for a couple of years, until it became too much for the employees to care for.

There was now a bird house located on its main trunk and the mere size of the tree required a tractor-trailer to relocate it to its new home.  Unfortunately when I took it, it needed to be trimmed down to fit into the residence.  But the thriving plant thrived!  New baby growth appeared frequently and it towered to the new ceiling and loved its new home.

My mom eventually resided with us, and hospice was eventually called in.  She was , in the last few days, brought downstairs in her bed and situated in the living room.  The towering plant watched over her during that time.  That ninety-nine cent little twig that mom bought for dad, that grew to be  a memorial tree with the bird house on it and sat nearby to her bed, proudly grew up to its glory.

My mom knew the possibility of what “could” be.  The beauty of this tree was proudly displayed in his office, then comforted her at her time of death.  And now it is (once again) growing to hover at the ceiling of the new residence in my comfortable new home, with the hope of comfort and care, and beauty, to be felt and seen.

The twig that “could” be is now the experienced memorial to those that I love.  I see the growth of a living thing that is now a part of my heart that has been a part of their hearts.  It is a beautiful thriving part of my home that truly instills comfort, love, and the promise of what could be into my home.


© Can Stock Photo Inc. / Pakhnyushchyy

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