How Discrimination and Stigma Feels




I feel physically and mentally great!  I have no physical pain in my body.  I am able to move and stretch and function properly.  Mentally I am capable, as well.  I am able to make decisions as to my daily well being, my care, my own little world, inside my box (so to speak).  I am physically and mentally functioning well.  But why is it that I am still being regarded as an individual who is incapable of being a responsible adult – because I have a mental illness??

I have bipolar, so that deems me as incapable.  I should not be typing on this computer.  I should not be thinking in any rational terms.  I should not be able to take my own medications, or to dress or feed myself.  All of these things may stress me out and I may need to take a pill to be able to live my life.  Right?  I believe that I would be able to KNOW if I am having a hard time, or if I need a break – and I could share that if necessary.

So, if I had kidney stones over a month ago, this would mean that I cannot physically function now a month later?  I’m asking??  I may need a pill, or need to take a break because of the FEAR of the pain being there (over a month later).  Perhaps I had an autoimmune response in which I needed meds to recover.  It is now over a month later and I’m still recovering, right??  Better yet, I am gay.  I came out a month ago.  Therefore, as long as I live, I should now be shamed and not trusted.

This is what discrimination and stigma feels like.  Get it???


© Can Stock Photo Inc. / sean824

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