Adding “My Time” Activities to “To Do” List


My time

A priority for me, each and everyday is at least a one to two hour window of “Time For Me” Activities.  In our busy schedule of life, this may seem impossible.  But I believe that this is an essential item to add to everyday.  Because if we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves, WHO WILL??

I made my list last night for “My Time”, and I made it very generic.  Perhaps , my time, can be done in segments within the course of the day.  But for me, I got up early, and with one eye closed as I made my coffee, I started my day.

Of course, there was fun time and this was very brief, indeed.  Then I started by letting Miss Daisy out for a quick walk.  And then “my time” began.  So on my list was to paint my toenails.  A very simple, but somewhat (for me) an indulgent task.  This actually was accomplished last night – so cross of the list!  Write in my Journal was next – this I love to do, and need to make more time for, so Gratefulness Journal you are now complete for the day.  I’m on a roll.  Read in my devotional book and pray:  this is always a great way for me to start the day.  Really, in my devotional book, each brief story is about two pages long.  I love it!  And praying is so easy and such a sincere act.  Bring it on!!  My other two “My Time Activities” for today included; reading and taking time to meditate.  I therefore read articles that I had saved, and the guided meditation by Steven Aitchinson made my morning complete.  I don’t believe that I even took a full two hours.  I’m not sure because the clock was not my focus.  A beautiful way to start the day!

So yes, it is wonderful to have a to do list with all the tasks of the day.  But an important aspect of that to do list is adding in “My Time”.  I am so happy and much more content that “My Time” is complete today.  Time to take care of me is so vitally important!


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