The Compass of Love on Christmas Day


Compass Christmas Morning


I had a sneaking suspicion (a gut instinct).  It was getting closer to Christmas Day.  It was probably two to three weeks before Christmas Day.  My boyfriend decided to begin building me something.  Yes money had been tight, but we always managed to get by and get the necessities with a little bit of extras.  Yet Christmas seemed to always be so expensive, so I thought that perhaps was why my boyfriend was building something for me this year.

I was curious, but kept my promise NOT to go into his workshop area and ruin the surprise.  He would give me insignificant clues as to what the gift was.  First he brought up sticks that seemed to be a little larger than toothpicks.  To me that wasn’t even worth my time as a clue.  Baffled, I kept wondering and going about my business.  He also brought up other items that meant absolutely nothing to me.  He seemed to be enjoying teasing me, and obviously it increased my interest.   I was trying to appear excited (which I was), without being annoyed by his little game.

The previous year on Christmas Eve, my two intelligent and handsome sons (a mom’s perspective) had slept over so they could spend Christmas time with us.  It seemed surprising that when they got up to go to bed we all noted the time to be after midnight.  A brief discussion then ensued with the option being given to the “kids” to open the gifts before going to bed.  This was enjoyably, and we were pleasantly excited.  It was a fun time because opening all our gifts the night before Christmas was never before introduced.

This Christmas was somewhat the same except it included my recently widowed,  beautiful mother, and of course one of my still intelligent and handsome sons.  We again chose the Christmas Eve option of opening the gifts.  The waiting to see what the specially crafted gift that was made by my boyfriend would be over, finally.  I recall being given a beautiful watch that I knew must have cost a small fortune.  I was so pleased because I needed a new nice watch.  But the crafted gift never came out to view.

I had the idea, in my mind, that perhaps my boyfriend would have proposed to me that Christmas.  But that thought withered away with the obvious apparent cost of the watch.  I would never have believed that he could have or would have wanted to spend the additional cost that it would have been to also buy an engagement ring.  So off to bed we went and the crafted gift was never spoken of.

The morning of Christmas arrived and before I even awoke or put my feet on the floor , my boyfriend was standing beside our bed with a BEAUTIFUL BIG BOX.   This box was far too big to have the engagement ring that I believed was now not even worth thinking about or even imagining about anymore.  Yet I was still somewhat intrigued and joyous.  Christmas Day, December 25 of 2010 was here.

He gently asked me to sit on the side of the bed, which I did eagerly and somewhat suspiciously.  What could this be?  I untied the big beautiful bow on the box and carefully opened it to preserve the beautiful package.  Inside the box was the  name KING spelled out and was made of wood.  There was a sparkly cloud-like interior material, with bright pink and silver crowns surrounding the name.  I looked at him somewhat sideways with a smirk, as if to say huh??

He patiently began to remind me about something I had asked of him from much earlier in the year.  That special something was when I told him that all I wanted and needed was to take his last name, and our lives and love were not about material items that could be provided.  As I began to understand, fluttering butterflies began to emerge inside of me.  He got down onto one knee and took out the engagement ring that my father had given to my mother, and explained his devotion and love and asked me to be his wife.

Not only was my dad who had passed away earlier that year, but also my mother who was my beautiful friend, helper, and an ever-present strength, a part of this beautiful proposal.  My parents love (blessed by this ring that was given to us – in this beautifully creative proposal) was also present.  And my forever partner and faithful companion – who had already changed my view on life – was now to be my trustworthy united lover who was now going to travel alongside me while experiencing the journey of peace and happiness with God as our guide.


© Can Stock Photo Inc. / showface

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