Thank You For Being Born




I have a hard plastic music box frame, which sits on one of the side tables – in my living room – and it has a card inside the frame.  The card is light blue in color and has a  picture on it of a bouquet of  pink, light green, and white stars and also white half moons.  Casual cursive writing is also on the upper and lower areas of the card.  At the top of the card, the writing says ‘You are so very special’.  And on the bottom of the card – below the mystical and embracing picture – the writing completes the thought with, ‘Thank you for being born-‘.  The music box on the back plays the tune of ‘You Light Up My Life’.  I was given this frame as a gift years back from my Dad and loved everything about it immediately.  It has always been a treasured item for me.

Recently while working on myself at being better able to cope with my emotions, I came across this frame and found it reasonable to put it across the room from my living room sitting area, on the same table that sits my mother’s rose stained glass Tiffany-style lamp.  Both of these items remind me of the love of my parents.

The delicate music that plays You Light Up My Life when I turn the knob on the back is beautiful to hear.  It not only shows me how much I was loved, but it also shows me how much I love my own children.  As in the lyrics to this song explains – I will always carry on and have hope –  because of that bond of love.

Dad had everything so right and was able to express to me the meaning of unconditional love.  With faith, I know that my parents are now my angels and are always close by.  There is no question that they continue to be an influence in all that I am and do.

With this gift, Dad gave me a reason and a way to see clarity.  It is during these times when I need help from above all that I have to do is look across the room at this framed card music box and see the power and beauty  of the love  between a parent and a child (which includes our Father from above to all of His children).  I am then given peace and strength when there is so much chaos in the world.

The Gift of Love




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6 thoughts on “Thank You For Being Born

  1. doubtfulscribe says:

    Hi Kelsy, thanks for being so open and honest about your feelings and emotions. There are so many people that seem unable or unwilling to do this, which to me is such a shame as we are all emotional beings and by sharing we can all relate and help support each other.

    I recently started a wordpress site with the intention of sharing my thoughts, ideas, emotions, and poems and called it ‘The Doubtful Scribe’

    I have lost both my parents and found some peace in your words and your insights. Whilst reading this post I was also drawn to one of your final lines….
    ” (which includes our Father from above to all of His children)” as it reminds me of a poem I wrote when I was lost in a sea of struggle and consequently titled “I Love You Loads – signed your heavenly father”

    If you get a spare moment perhaps you would have a read and see what you think

    Thanks again for sharing, I shall be following your posts and checking your insights
    All the best
    Your Doubtful Scribe 🙂

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    • Kelsy King says:

      I am so glad that you read my entry and commented on it. I did read your writing and I am so impressed by everything that you described. The magnitude of faith and unwavering belief that it takes to write such a beautiful poem is truly amazing.
      For me, I decided to start my blog as somewhat of a hobby. Over the year or so that I have had my blog it has given me perspective and has helped me to heal some past wounds.
      Also I lived through the deaths of both of my parents within the past six years, and I understand how this can be an extremely difficult time and struggle. Gaining perspective after such great loss is a very hard battle. I have also had other battles that had challenged me shortly before their deaths, such as a divorce to a man that I was married to since the age of sixteen, along with a history of trauma from emotional abuse, and mental illness. I understand how turmoil can fully encompass someone.
      I have always had a belief in goodness, and I also have believed that God is present. It is not that I have never struggled with my faith during difficult times. Recently I had a devastating scare where a short-lived though deep depression came on suddenly (due to my inability to cope with my emotions).
      I had been handling everything much better for quite some time, and I was now seeing my counselor only once a month, instead of once a week. I had also found a new psychiatrist about two years prior that was helping me with new medication changes and everything seemed to be coming together. So when this new found misery started up again so abruptly it caught me off guard.
      I prayed to God that I would have the courage to commit suicide. I prayed for GUIDANCE to make the best DECISIONS and for God to HELP me . I had the plans of either taking some pills (which were sitting beside my chair for two days) or hanging myself from my porch. I never before had needed so much strength and direction. The depth of my misery frightened me, and my heartfelt CRY to God for HELP was with a sincere and pure heart.
      My eyes have been opened to the love and mercy of God. He has shown me how our hearts can be directed by His love, if we just listen with patience and wait for a response, or move forward and wait for the answer. I have learned how God can direct my every step. I just have to be observant, but not too analytical. The answer will come in time.

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      • doubtfulscribe says:

        Thanks for reading my poem and for your kind words about it.
        I feel a bit guilty as since writing it, I have actually lost my faith, and as a consequence have clawed my way through some of the darkest days of my life, where there was nothing but blackness. There were many times where I too considered the distance between life and death to be as miniscule as a decision but somehow found myself fighting on determined to discover some meaning and purpose to my existance.

        Over my years I have written quite a lot of poetry to help express my emotional journey and have displayed some of the better pieces on my site and am glad to have found a resource of others who have a similar reference point to the struggles I have experienced.

        I find it tiresome and painful at times to open myself up to someone who has no perspective of my journey, they will often use words to suggest they do but quickly demonstrate by their actions that they don’t.

        So while I do find myself a little blue and a little saddened to read about other peoples pain and suffering, I can also see the chathartic nature of making ourselves vulnerable in sharing and finding a strength and peace in discovering other people who have travelled their own painful journeys and found a strength to carry on.

        Thanks again and bless you loads 🙂

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      • Kelsy King says:

        You’re welcome. This was my pleasure, and it actually strengthened my faith in God. The past few weeks have been brutal for me – to say the least. But my faith in God and my strength to fight and MAKE IT THROUGH a difficult and dark time was possible. MY struggle with mental illness did NOT conquer me, instead I grew closer to GOD by a RENEWED FAITH. Thank YOU from the bottom of my HEART!! God Bless You


    • Kelsy King says:

      The bond between a mother and child for me is like no other. They are a part of me that I love, protect, guide, and will always be their support in time of need. I’m glad your parents have been there for you and care. I pray that you have continued support and live a happy, fulfilling life. Thank you so much for your comment.


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