Rational Mind and Puke On The Page

Filling a Coping Skills Toolbox

Keep Two Journals


Hear me out.  It works!

Rational/Emotional Mind Journals:

The first is my Gratefulness Journal which I try to contribute to everyday or at least most of the weekdays.  It consists of saying at least three things that I’m grateful for on each particular day.  Some days are easier than others, but I am able to find something each day.  I also need to say something that is positive about myself, even if it’s the smallest thing.  And I round it off with a measurable goal, and then talk about if anything is on my mind.  This is my rational mind journal.  On the other hand my second journal is what I call my Puke on the Page Journal.  This particular journal is for when I have a really hard day, or need to sort something out.  I put this journal in my Insight or Coping Skills Box, and this journal allows me to scream, swear, be “out of my mind”, solve my problems by asking myself questions, praying to God for help, or maybe drawing, whatever comes to mind.  This journal is my emotional mind journal, and it is where I literally vomit every emotion into words on the page that I’m writing on.  This journal is much more of my private emotions.

Get that Box and start filling it.

More Coping Skills to Come…




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4 thoughts on “Rational Mind and Puke On The Page

      • Dawn Torres says:

        I know how to puke with ink on a page all too well! I’m just finally found my “brave” in terms of sharing my writing. But I’m determined to make it a new habit. Thanks for the follow and sharing what works for you so honestly.

        Liked by 1 person

      • thejourneyofpeaceandhappiness says:

        Your comment is so appreciated. Yes, I understand the need to get out of our secure comfort zone and get “brave”. I know that feeling very well and applaud you. For me, it did take a lot of courage, but has been wonderful in terms of really learning to know myself and gain personal growth.


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