Happiness Does NOT Always Just Happen



“You just live.  Why would you have to struggle to be happy?”  Every day on this journey with bipolar, anxiety, and PTSD is just that – a conscious effort to do things that will bring homeostasis and happiness.  Just think of it.  All of your efforts that are made in life have the thought of, ” will this bring happiness, will I be less anxious, will this bring peace? “. Think about it, in your normal life.  You can rationally think about the efforts and consequences.  I have made my routine about what will bring about happiness and peace.  OK so I pray, then write about what I’m grateful for – because being grateful brings about the joy of life.  Then perhaps read, the good stuff – self-help, psychology, how to live with a higher purpose or meaning.  Meditation is good, listening to people who enlighten me is great.  Yes, I even exercise for my health; not to look the best that I can, but to perhaps keep anxiety down, and ease my mind, and sleep well.  EVERYTHING is done with the purpose of HOW CAN I HAVE PEACE AND HAPPINESS.  It DOES NOT just happen, like those who are fortunate enough not to have mental illness.  When will that be understood!!!!??????




Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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