Unconditional Love In The Midst Of Chaos



She was twenty-one.  She had three children; six, four, and two.  It had been a tough year, while trying to teach the children good morals, character, and to feel the love that was surrounding them, maintaining a “happy” home was a difficult task.  The awesome level of responsibility for raising the children was in her hands.  However to say that her ex-husband did not carry a heavy weight as well, would be ridiculous.  He was the provider, and responsible for bringing in the income for support.  However these polar opposites in raising children caused much discord.

There was a breaking point for her.  She tried her hardest and was crushed down with obstacles and opposing skills and levels of compassion when it came to nurturing the little ones.  This was a hard task, with resistance, to fight.  It was brutal to feel alone and filled with this monumental objective.  And to carry the burden of others mistakes, and being able to present an abundantly loving and nurturing home (in the midst of these “transgressions”) tore at the core of her being.  She was slipping down the mountain she was climbing and clawing with her nails and kicking and screaming to hold on, but the weight of the chaos weighed heavily and brought her down.

He was strong and saw the struggle, as she screamed and was kicking  and emotionally breaking down in front of him.  She no longer could even walk or hold her weight.  The mental torture enveloped her whole being.  He lifted her in his arms, while she continued to scream, cry, and kick.  She no longer could hold back the hidden pain that she had been carrying for so long.  She was fragile, a mere one hundred and fifteen pounds.

Her dad who carried her so strongly into the house and comforted her was always there to support her, but this was life threatening in the sense that her mind was no longer hers to control.  She was lost in her delusions that were there to help her to manage the ever-present fight that she had been living with on a daily basis.  Her mother was her protector, and would mange her illness, take control of her when she was lost within her own mind, and would protect her from any form of abuse or ill-treatment.  They both would take charge in this time when she was unable to even care for herself.  And to have the love, support, and protection, in such a crucial and fragile time in her life, when she could have easily have been disregarded or emotionally taken advantage of was the highest form of continuing love that transcends from parent to a child – even when that child is grown.  The beauty of unconditional love is that it will never fail and can always be relied upon.

I will forever be grateful that God had provided me with these two amazing souls in my life that are forever ingrained in my being.  I truly am blessed that I had all the time with them on earth that was given to me.  And someday I will have the gift of seeing my angels again in heaven.

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