Enjoying My Own Company


Alone Time

A learned, absolutely necessary skill that I have recently not only became aware of, but feel more comfortable with, is being alone AND enjoying my own company.  I have learned to be at peace with myself, enjoy the day as it comes, and to not get bogged down by unnecessary chatter in my mind.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle from time to time with keeping in the moment, and enjoying the day as it comes.  This means that it is a skill that I’m still working on, and it’s becoming easier with time and practice.  I do enjoy my peaceful time.  I also enjoy my time with friends and family.  It is knowing though that I can be alone, and not feel lonely that gives me a happier, more fulfilling outlook.  It is knowing that I am not reliant on someone to be there for the sake of being there that has released me from keeping people in my life that are dragging me down, or not uplifting to my spirit.  It certainly is a give and take in friendship, love, and being a support to one another.  Therefore not needing someone to be there because I feel lonely, is a liberating feeling.  And mastering the skill of enjoying my own company is quite freeing!





Courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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