Mindful Simplicity


Your mind

Living in the present moment.  I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of my home that is filled with character and abundant in love.  In my mind, I can hear the laughter of my children and grandchildren.  I can see our house guests who frequent the home for company and social entertainment.  The beautiful deck which overlooks the backyard that has the spots of mole trails which my husband is so diligently trying to persuade to leave our residence.  I can picture the barbecues which we enjoy in the summer with our family and friends.  I’m daydreaming of our upcoming trip and the fun to be had.  And I’m looking at the beautiful flowers that were presented to me for Mother’s Day.  What a beautiful life it is.

I have so much to be thankful for, as I hear my grandfather clock ticking the time and see, in my mind, some of my friends and family complaining about the fact that the clock rings so loud.  It brings a smile to my face.  I have so much, a roof over my head, warmth, food, health, protection, and love.  I ponder the thought of more simplicity as I look around.  The beauty of the surroundings to me brings warmth, yet there is so much to see.  Treasuring and thoughtfulness to each possession seems like a wonderful new goal.  Perhaps being more sentimental of each acquired addition is in order, and giving more out to those that are in need.

The beauty of the day is here.  The birds are chirping and are singing a tune.  My new flowers need to be planted, and the joy of each moment awaits.  The lists need to be made and accomplishments achieved.  And the time has come to take in each moment as it is given.  Thank you God for a new mindful day.

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