The Joy Of Traveling



Traveling is not an escape from the world, though it does offer some relief from day-to-day work schedules and chores.  It is instead seeing different cultures or environments, and experiencing what life actually is – the beauty that the world has to offer.  It is living and becoming enriched with experiences.

We only have the opportunity to live this life once.  The ability to take in all that is out there and see the beauty that the world has to offer is a gift.  So start that bucket list and work toward achieving all that is on it.  Accomplish those experiences that are wanted to make life fun and full of laughter and joy.  Go for it.  Enjoy each moment that we’re able to and plan for those experiences.

Anticipation, planning, and the dreams of future destinations is a wonderful joy to add to the daily routine.  It adds a hop in the step, and a joy in the heart.  The part of buying those travel destination books, and learning about where I’m going and what is the best thing to see that interests me, adds so much to the fun.

If seeing different parts of the world is part of your life plan, I say when you’re able to make it a priority.  The knowledge and abundance of joy that is obtained is so satisfying to the soul.  And for me, sharing these experiences with the ones that I love makes it a beautiful journey.

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