Focusing On The Best Of Each Moment


Focusing on the best of each moment

The rain and clouds will be around all week.  But my mood is not a reflection of the weather, for once.  I can clearly see the light of each day in my heart.  It’s a beautiful feeling to know that I can decide how I will feel for the day.  Sure, there can be moments to each day that disrupts the flow of how I feel, but I have tried to make that time a minimum.  I try not to say that if the day begins awful, it ultimately will continue to be an off day.  I have learned that this type of thinking can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Therefore, I take each moment for what is, and go from that moment forward.  I readjust my thinking pattern and realize that I have to see the best of each moment, or the ability of a change in the next moments to come.

That doesn’t mean that I am unrealistic and don’t understand that sadness, anger, irritability, frustration, and all those pent-up feelings cannot arrive.  Because, yes they do!  I just try to keep my focus on turning the situation into a positive.  Sometimes this is impossible for me and yes, I have to concede with the knowledge that things will turn around in the near future.  Maybe the times like these are when taking a nap is a good idea, talking to a friend,  writing in my journal, calling my therapist, and just plain trying to change my perspective is my focus.  It may just take a little more determined energy.  But that doesn’t mean that I will get stuck there because I know now that life is dynamic and change is inevitable.  The rainbow WILL come after the storm.  I just need to stay focused on the renewing energy of the rain.


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