See The World With Me

Past Fears

I have dreams and aspirations of continuing on my travels to see this world, and enjoying my family, and to live the joy of each moment.  This brings me such wonderful bliss.  A beautiful hot air balloon ride over Sedona is in my future.  Just going to check that off of my bucket list soon.

I have been so fortunate in my life with seeing this world so far.  I’m continuing to see areas of the United States.  I have been to Hawaii, and on a road trip across the country, as well as staying in areas of interest within the United States.  Washington D.C. was amazing to see with all of the history and government interests.  The boardwalk of San Antonio was pleasant while taking a boat ride to enjoy the attractions.  It was a serene time to readjust after a long period of stress that was much needed.  Staying on Daytona Beach and seeing the sunrise with a cup of coffee and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for breakfast on our deck overlooking the ocean was romance that I’ll never forget.  Along with the romance was the excitement of seeing my husband horseback ride for the first time – fun!  Going to New Orleans and experiencing Bourbon Street entertainment with family and trying my first Hurricane drink, along with the aftereffects of its fruit punch taste and the buzz was an unforgettable experience.  Of course, Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios when my children were young was a must.  Nashville and Memphis (and the tour of Graceland) was memorable especially since I’m a country music fanatic.  Getting married in Las Vegas at the Chapel of the Flowers to my wonderful husband is a memorable topper for me.  Yet, there is so much more to see in the U.S. of A.  And I’m ready!

Also experiencing different cultures and countries of interest is a must to do.  Touring all of Italy while driving from Rome to Venice with stops at Pisa, Cinque Terre, Florence, and Portifino was an amazing experience.  Did I mention Tuscany with the beautiful scenery and winding roads and old tiny villages made my heart melt.  Experiencing Lisbon Portugal and then driving to Seville Spain made for a great college graduation gift for my daughter (there were four women on this adventure).  While I was driving and my daughter was navigating the map we saw miles upon miles of beautiful pink flowers in the median of the highway while my mother and friend slept in the back seats.  The picture taken of them catching flies with their heads back and sunglasses on still makes me chuckle to this day.  It was also amusing that we were in Portugal and we were trying to figure out how to pump gas.  We did not speak Portuguese so we had to try our best to communicate.  The man helping us also did not speak English, what now??  Well my daughter took french in college and luckily they both spoke french.  Kind of funny to think of, but it worked!  Seville Spain was truly amazing.  In the hotel and the city,  the buildings seemed clustered together with the roads a one lane road for two ways.  Our hotel didn’t look like much from the outside, but was truly beautiful inside.  It appeared to be built into a rock facade.  Parking under the hotel in the garage is a story for another time, but no doubt another humorous memory for all of us.  Did I mention that we learned a thing or two about pick-pockets in Portugal.  An expensive lesson!  Seeing London was truly breathtaking.  This is an area I would immediately go to again, if there weren’t so many other areas that I would love to see.  The London Eye and the Trafalgar Square is an experience not to miss!  And seeing Big Ben while first coming out from the Tube presented me with awe-inspiring beauty.  By the way, the Tube is so easy to navigate and a worthwhile way of travel.  Clean, clean, clean!  Just be careful if you’re not familiar with walking in areas where driving is on the left side of the road, especially where there are intersections.  Danger awaits.  We laughed about the writing and arrows on the streets saying, “Look this way –>.  But we were very appreciative after realizing that these little information bits truly saves lives.  While visiting Paris, we enjoyed having our anniversary dinner at the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower.  There is no better way to experience Paris.  The Louvre (though I’m not a big museum buff) is a must see.  I wouldn’t have liked Paris as much as I did without seeing all that what this HUGE museum has to offer.  There is something to see for everyone.  Trust me.  Seeing the padlocks on the Pont des Arts bridge was beautiful to see, and the meaning behind the locks truly gave me the meaning to love in Paris.  The padlocks typically had the initials of two lovers on the padlock.  It was then locked to the fence on the bridge and the key was thrown into the water below, representing unbreakable love.  My heart is melting now.  The unexpected twenty-four hour stop in Amsterdam made for some fun for us as well.  Why stay at an airport when you can make memories in the city – and so we did.  The few nights in Barcelona were truly wonderful memories.  Seeing the La Sagrada Familia church is impossible to appreciate in a picture form!  I don’t care who takes the picture, the true detail and beauty is a must see in person.  In the camera’s eye, it looks like the church is kind of melting.  This is truly not the case in person.  There is so much detail in every inch of this cathedral.  It’s astonishing.  Exploring around the city and asking for a meal in an outdoor cafe’ and what actually arrives on the plate brings a smile to my face.  I recall having a burger with no bread and an egg on my plate.  I had no idea what I had ordered.  Niagara Falls with the wonderment of the beauty that is there is truly amazing.  And enjoying my first duck boat ride while in Ottawa is a time I wont soon forget.  Taking pictures from the time we went to a vineyard while driving in Canada, to buying the wine, then enjoying our first sip, to being quite tipsy on the balcony in Ottawa city where our hotel overlooked a beautiful church, and even the next morning with an empty bottle in my sleeping hand was recorded – I wonder who took that picture, hun?  Fun times indeed.

Then added to the beauty of staying in each area of interest, I have also had the pleasure of seeing the world by cruise ships and stops to ports.  Mexico with Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Mazatlan was my first cruise experience.  Parasailing off of the beach and being high in the air tethered to a boat in Mazatlan was thrilling.  Also riding in the back of a tiny pick-up truck used as a taxi where no lanes are used for traffic and not knowing whether to laugh or pray at that moment gave me anxiety with a thrill all at once.  I also have stopped off at Puerto Rico and saw a Female Impersonator show that was truly entertaining.  Unfortunately I missed the tour bus ride back to the ship (which ended up being a stroke of luck instead).  I ended up meeting the cast of the show and taking pictures, and enjoyed an evening with the Cruise Director and his girlfriend while waiting for a ride back to the ship. A truly enjoyable time!  While with family we stopped off at Cozumel, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman.  Swimming with the stingrays was exciting to me.  My husband and I went on a Caribbean Cruise with stops in St. Kitts, St. Martin, St. Lucia, and St. Germain.  Our death-defying excursion in St. Lucia on a catamaran caused me to grow many more grey hairs on my head.  I was sure that death was in our immediate future as the waves crashed the catamaran boat and windswept rain blind-sided us.  This was truly a rocking white-knuckle ordeal (we lived).  An experience that we still talk about.  Good or bad experiences is still living – and I did it!  It’s all memories.  Our Mediterranean Cruise made seeing other countries in bits, fun and enjoyable.  Cannes France, Pisa Italy, and Barcelona Spain was in this agenda.  Cruises are fun to do when you just want to spend a short time at a spot.  Time on the ship is relaxing.  You don’t have to worry about food and fun and shows.  It’s all there.  Truly pleasurable.  But if you want to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the place you are traveling to, there is no other way than staying a few nights in that spot.  I like to use public transportation.  It not only saves on money, it also gives you a feeling of what it’s like to be part of the place you are at.  I’m truly a travel addict, and can’t wait for more to come.

Whether it’s going somewhere to go camping, staying in your state and visiting the sites, or seeing other parts of the country or world, it is adding adventure and joy.  I plan to make my travels a part of my journey in my blog, while writing about the experiences and sharing the beauty and adventures of each of these spots.  I hope that you’ll join me.  I have still been adding to my bucket list, and I am going to work on crossing those items off the list.  Life is for fun.  Enjoy the ride!





Mindful Simplicity


Your mind

Living in the present moment.  I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of my home that is filled with character and abundant in love.  In my mind, I can hear the laughter of my children and grandchildren.  I can see our house guests who frequent the home for company and social entertainment.  The beautiful deck which overlooks the backyard that has the spots of mole trails which my husband is so diligently trying to persuade to leave our residence.  I can picture the barbecues which we enjoy in the summer with our family and friends.  I’m daydreaming of our upcoming trip and the fun to be had.  And I’m looking at the beautiful flowers that were presented to me for Mother’s Day.  What a beautiful life it is.

I have so much to be thankful for, as I hear my grandfather clock ticking the time and see, in my mind, some of my friends and family complaining about the fact that the clock rings so loud.  It brings a smile to my face.  I have so much, a roof over my head, warmth, food, health, protection, and love.  I ponder the thought of more simplicity as I look around.  The beauty of the surroundings to me brings warmth, yet there is so much to see.  Treasuring and thoughtfulness to each possession seems like a wonderful new goal.  Perhaps being more sentimental of each acquired addition is in order, and giving more out to those that are in need.

The beauty of the day is here.  The birds are chirping and are singing a tune.  My new flowers need to be planted, and the joy of each moment awaits.  The lists need to be made and accomplishments achieved.  And the time has come to take in each moment as it is given.  Thank you God for a new mindful day.

The Joy Of Traveling



Traveling is not an escape from the world, though it does offer some relief from day-to-day work schedules and chores.  It is instead seeing different cultures or environments, and experiencing what life actually is – the beauty that the world has to offer.  It is living and becoming enriched with experiences.

We only have the opportunity to live this life once.  The ability to take in all that is out there and see the beauty that the world has to offer is a gift.  So start that bucket list and work toward achieving all that is on it.  Accomplish those experiences that are wanted to make life fun and full of laughter and joy.  Go for it.  Enjoy each moment that we’re able to and plan for those experiences.

Anticipation, planning, and the dreams of future destinations is a wonderful joy to add to the daily routine.  It adds a hop in the step, and a joy in the heart.  The part of buying those travel destination books, and learning about where I’m going and what is the best thing to see that interests me, adds so much to the fun.

If seeing different parts of the world is part of your life plan, I say when you’re able to make it a priority.  The knowledge and abundance of joy that is obtained is so satisfying to the soul.  And for me, sharing these experiences with the ones that I love makes it a beautiful journey.

Focusing On The Best Of Each Moment


Focusing on the best of each moment

The rain and clouds will be around all week.  But my mood is not a reflection of the weather, for once.  I can clearly see the light of each day in my heart.  It’s a beautiful feeling to know that I can decide how I will feel for the day.  Sure, there can be moments to each day that disrupts the flow of how I feel, but I have tried to make that time a minimum.  I try not to say that if the day begins awful, it ultimately will continue to be an off day.  I have learned that this type of thinking can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Therefore, I take each moment for what is, and go from that moment forward.  I readjust my thinking pattern and realize that I have to see the best of each moment, or the ability of a change in the next moments to come.

That doesn’t mean that I am unrealistic and don’t understand that sadness, anger, irritability, frustration, and all those pent-up feelings cannot arrive.  Because, yes they do!  I just try to keep my focus on turning the situation into a positive.  Sometimes this is impossible for me and yes, I have to concede with the knowledge that things will turn around in the near future.  Maybe the times like these are when taking a nap is a good idea, talking to a friend,  writing in my journal, calling my therapist, and just plain trying to change my perspective is my focus.  It may just take a little more determined energy.  But that doesn’t mean that I will get stuck there because I know now that life is dynamic and change is inevitable.  The rainbow WILL come after the storm.  I just need to stay focused on the renewing energy of the rain.