What “Triggers” You? Living With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Emotions that control your whole being and thought processes, that envelop your soul and crush your ability of containment, are the most vulnerable emotions.  They capture you, and your ability to calm and ease these brutally strong emotions is the desire.  But sometimes it is a complete loss as to how to stop the eruption of chaos.  The burst of disengagement begins and to enclose the fragments and bring about a pre-existing  stability takes much effort.  It is either shut in the damage or escalate out of control.  That is when one needs the most help from someone who has the ability to assist in bringing that person back to a level of calmness and peace.  It is the trigger of these emotions that brings about this alarming response of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  And to understand that the response that erupts is from a prior emotional trauma that has been ignited…

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A Mindful Choice – Insightful Reframing

A Year After Insightful Reframing

Mind is Everything

My last post was very distressing and for that I apologize!  Please understand that my mind was in a much different place.  I am deliberately deciding to change my thought pattern.  I am learning to reframe my mindset and think of myself as living in health, not living with illness and seeking a glimpse of recovery.  I am making a conscious behavioral change and deciding to live in joy and health.

Why is it that I’m always working through my illness?  Instead of that thought process, I’ve decided to live in HEALTH and maintain my illness.  I will live with my competent capabilities that I have proven that I have and seek other healthy adults.  I am not a constant undone person that needs to be recovering.  Thank you to those that have given me this insight!

Thank you to God for the beauty of a new beginning.  Thank you for…

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