Making Peace With The Past, Hope For The Future, and Enjoying The Journey


Let go of the past

Time can change so many things – time and circumstances.  It is believing that in time life will be all that it can be – filled with love, laughter, hope, and the daily joy of the journey.  Believe that in time the days will be more beautiful, the nights will be filled with the beauty of the starry skies, and the rain that may fall will be the renewing of the spirit so that a new bright day can come.

The past and remembering hurts from the past holds us back.  It is a wonderful thing to make peace with the past though, and by whatever means possible.  For me to make peace with my past, it was to talk it all out by whatever means possible.  Talk to friends, talk to my therapist, talk on paper by writing, and by taking the bold move of talking through my stories to the public has given me the peace that I so desired.  These stories are and will be out there forever.  I know this.  Yet by getting my stories out, it has been the most liberating thing for me to do.  Now I can live freely without the demons inside.  It’s a beautiful thing!

So, time is your friend.  Focus on the healing and the daily journey because when the healing begins, the view is beautiful.  Keep your head up to heaven, your faith in God, and the belief that those who love you are there for the long haul.  The beauty of life surrounds you.  Look, listen, feel, touch, and taste each moment and enjoy being mindful of what’s with you, guiding you, and what is right in front of you.

The journey of life changes with each day.  The circumstances of the moments that pass are given to us on this journey to interpret as we may.  Time will give an appreciation for all the blessings given to us.  Even though rough waters may have passed by in our lives, this only allows the appreciation of the blessings to be even more apparent and pleasant.  Trust that the future is working in our favor, allow the past to teach us the way in which we want to live, and enjoy each present moment.

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