Truth, Goodness, and Beauty



The Three Transcendentals

The Truth, the Goodness, and the Beauty – the Three Transcendentals of Being.


I just listened to a wonderful sermon on the topic this morning.  What a lovely enlightenment.  I am open to all religious spiritual paths that lead to the light, NOT in any particular religion.  That being said – the three transcendentals of being, touched my soul and spoke to me because I am a Christian and the Word of God as written in the Bible is the way for me.


The word of God, believers, the beginning of the world, all that is, the light, – the TRUTH.  Amen, indeed!

The will of man, running toward all that is true, the belief of the word, the opening into one’s heart and walking with righteousness, on the path with the guidance of the love of God – the GOODNESS.

The truth of God’s Word, the light of the world, the goodness – all attributes exist to form the BEAUTY.


Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder?  Dare I say, NO!  Beauty is all that is truth and goodness, and righteousness.  This is the beauty that is not through the lens of the eye, but in the spirit and the mind and the truth of being.  Being in the part of the existence of where heaven and earth meet.  An amazing concept to ponder.



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