The Peace of Mindfulness


wherever you are

I’m allowing myself to be guided in every moment.  It is not that I don’t want to achieve anything today, but my goal is to live in the present.  Yes, mindfulness.  So at this moment writing is the activity that will be in full range.  I’m not looking back or forward.  Now is all that matters.  The brilliant light and letters on the screen of the computer are within my gaze.  The fan that blows the warm air of the pellet stove from the basement toward me on the main floor is calming, as the clocks ticks with every second.  I am sitting with my legs to the side while I relax on the comfortable sofa.  The peacefulness in each moment is truly a beautiful experience.  I’m totally captured as the end of my nose is chilled from the breeze as I inhale and exhale.  The wonderful singing of the birds and the chirping is starting to grace my ears.  The sound of the occasional car driving by reminds me that life and goals of others are present.  The banjo clock is now playing a tune along with the grandfather clock, and the melodic tune of the wind chimes outside are softly heard in the background.  The day begins.

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