Good Morning Sunshine


It’s grey outside, yet there is sunshine in my heart.  The sound of the rain is dripping on the porch outside my window, yet the beauty of being alive and being filled with hope is in my heart.  The weather is not dictating how I feel, even though this makes the sixth anniversary of my dad’s death.

With the passing of time, I have felt his presence close.  I loved him so very deeply so the grief that was endured seemed as if the pain would never end.  The ache is felt at times and the longing to hear his voice remains.  I know in my heart I will see him again someday.  This knowledge allows me to keep the smile within.

I have lived and know that life does go on and the sunshine in my heart can be so bright sometimes.  Hearing my granddaughter laugh is one of the brightest of those rays of sunshine.  I’m keeping on this Journey with a lift in my step because I know that I have the bravest of all the angels by my side.  “Daddy, I love you”.

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