Always keep hope.  Hope is essential to life.  It brings the desire to push forward toward dreams and goals.  It helps one to persevere and pray for the best possible solution or outcome.

Just an ounce of hope is needed to move to the next day.  Making it to the next day means there is hope.  Hope to live.  Hope to start a beginning to a new day.

Never destroy one’s hope.  A trace of hope can help and give someone the ability to climb to the next experience or phase.  Hope is needed to endure and be triumphant.

Capability comes with hope.  Positive chapters come with hope.  Starting a new chapter is the base of hope.

Always hope for the best and believe in yourself.  Strength of one’s spirit is based on the inner abundance, and the blessing of the ability to maintain, the beauty of hope.

J.K. Rowling


Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow.      – Albert Einstein


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