Living With Joy In The Present


Focus on the Journey

My New Mantra

Joy is in the Journey!!


Today’s list:

Write                                                                       Go to Gym

Go to pharmacy                                                 Take shower

Get Dressed                                                        Clean Refrigerator

Dishes                                                                     Straighten House

Make Dinner                                                       Clean pantry closet

Clean Bedroom (bureaus, clothes, etc…)


My anxiety at present is filling within.  I read past journal entries from after a hospital stay and just a small sampling started the running of thoughts and ideas, the quivering inside began and the need for deep breaths started.  Mom used to know when there was something bothering me just with the deep breathing.  “Kelsy.  What’s the matter?  You’re breathing heavy again.”  She would pick up on this and make me aware of the fact that I was doing it.  I realized after she told me.  Funny how that worked.

Each entry in my journal during this time consisted of making a list to organize my day.  I try to do this pretty consistently, but sometimes I need to make a conscious effort.  Organization and lists help with guidance and motivation.  Things get done easier, and less effortlessly.  It may seem obvious, OK, take a shower!  But just to put it on the list, if I cross out that one item for the day – it is an accomplishment.  Sometimes my list may consist of: get dressed, do hair, put on make-up.  The more things that are on my list, the more things that are accomplished.

For the past few months, gym is a main priority.  Though maintaining to eat healthy and exercising near the holidays is an ambitious goal.  Thankfully, I am ready to start new again.  Get back on the right track.

Hallelujah, New Year!!  I have a lot of promise for the New Year.  New goals and excitement are in the future.  The Lord knows what’s best, though I will actively start a new ambitious year.  Do I have a New Year’s Resolution?  Quite honestly I didn’t even take this into consideration.  Perhaps, to continue my quest for healthy eating and exercise.  But as I think more into my resolution, a more appropriate resolution is to live each day with as much joy and in the present moment.

I frequently take a look back into old journals to see how I’ve grown, to see possibilities for writing and learning, to move forward.  This morning was an example of learning from the past.  I will continue to make my lists – a great goal for anybody!  My dad was a perfect person to show the positive side of making lists.  He said that he couldn’t remember sh**.  Maybe this is a good reason too.  I learned that just returning to and reliving past events (by reading my journal) it can cause anxiety because without being careful of awareness, I can move out of the present.  I must remain in the present!  And I know that making the most of each moment and living in Joy is the goal.

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