The Quality of Friendship


Your Cirle

With the purposeful dwindling down of the friends list on my personal Facebook page, my inner joy and peace becomes  steadily increased in opposing proportion.  I have come to realize that it is not in the number of friends that gives me happiness.  It is in the quality of the friendship that matters the most.  Releasing the toxic people in my life has been a  wonderful change to allow peace.  I’m truly enjoying the people I have in my life and cherishing my time with them.

Why be bothered by the stress of discontentment?  It is not that I want to be a loner – far from it!  It is that I want to be able to trust, love, and have a mutual respect with those around me.  Without these qualities, I say – why bother.  It is my Journey of Peace and Happiness, and it is growing in-depth with joy in my heart.  For this, I thank you God.  Keeping on the path…

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