My “Friend”


True Friends

How do I get past a wrong that has been done to me?  It has been years that I have suffered due to this action, and I am still living with the after effects.  A “friend” thought that it was best to call Health and Human Services on me due to my husband’s anger, and I ultimately lived for years with the consequences.  I even acquired Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and lived with the after effects of this, and walked on egg shells for nearly twenty years.

I have a feeling I know who did this offense to me; she even called Human Services on her own daughter once.  Perhaps helping instead of destroying may have been a better approach.  She truly believes she is the IDEAL mother, the best of the best.  Trying to bring down others to make herself feel superior is not a quality of idealism.  It is better to help those that are in need before degrading them.  Also, looking for recognition and admiration for parenting decisions or abilities is not a normal activity.  It truly is not ordinary to live in need of parental esteem, or considerate and compassionate recognition – for that matter.

I truly feel sorry for her.  Living her life in need of recognition or esteem and tearing others down must cause an inner turmoil; or does it??  Perhaps she feels a superior obligation to devastate someone.  There are other ways to “help” people to maintain or bring someone in need a lift upward with love instead of tearing them apart.

I apologize for the irritable haste of splurging my emotions.  This has been decades in the making.  Finally, I am releasing the hurt and anger.  This is truly a releasing experience.  Life is only lived but once, and twenty years of my life were lived with fear, not only from an emotionally angry and abusive ex-husband, but from the repurcussions of his actions which may further destroy my life.  And these repurcussions were brought into view by the hand of a “friend”.

I release my anger.  I release my burden.  And I forgive you – not for you, but for me.

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