Parenting with Love


What is done in love


Who is the ideal parent anyway?  Is it the Christian that believes that their way of teaching is proper?  Is it all well meaning parents who spend time with their children and help them to grow with morals and integrity?  What is the right way?  If a parent is not a christian, but is the best parent a child can ask for, are they not an example of love?  

Just because a person is or is not living in the way of Christ in the upbringing of their children does not mean that they are less of a parent than those that are filled with pride over the fact that they are raising their children in less of a “worldly” way.  Isn’t pride or being boastful a sin as well?  Perhaps leading by example and doing ones best is the way to go.

Knowing that my children are decent and honorable human beings is the best reward for my efforts.  There is no perfect parenting guide out there, but there is a deep and beautiful love that most parents give unselfishly to their children.  Yes, all loving parents are worthy of respectful admiration.

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