The Spirit Within


I have always been an authentic person.  I think of myself as compassionate to others, honest, and I try my best to help others that are in need.   I always try to maintain my integrity, and live with trying to do what’s right.

It is when my integrity is questioned that it makes me wonder how that person is really thinking of me as a person.  Do they really think that I can be that heartless and unkind?  Am I, in their eyes, this unworthy person that should be avoided?

How can these distant views be so evident?  It is beyond me.  The situation is heart wrenching.  Aren’t we suppose to believe the best in someone?  Yes this, at all times is hard.  But when the beliefs of someone questions the values of a person, best intentions have to be maintained.  Does this other person really think of me in that light?  Where is this coming from?  Have I been known to be that way?  Is that my style?

Perhaps that was not their intention?  Do I move on, or stay stuck in the hurt.  I’m moving on for me.  Breathe a deep breath in, exhale.

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