Wanting a Baby at Fifteen


I had my first child at the age of fifteen.  She WAS planned and very much wanted, crazy as that may sound.  It seemed like a good idea and my growing mind and body decided, yes, it was time!  Ha.

So I conceived just after my fifteenth birthday. Being scared and thrilled at the same time, now it was time to tell my parents.  That proved to be dramatic and filled with emotions.

My dad, still the protector, decided it was time to kill my boyfriend.  My dad charged out of the home with that desire.  I called my boyfriend to warn him to run.  God, what was going on?  Well I can say my boyfriend, ex-husband, children’s father is still alive.

My mom seemed filled with anxiety.  And, as always, she was my loving mom but at the same time the reaction of my dad was in her full view.  Uncertainty was all around us.  Where would things go from here?

I had a counselor throughout my pregnancy that would pick me up from home and we would chat and go out for lunch together.  I believed that I had an ally.  Also thankfully, through the services that I had, I also received GED training and went for my GED at the age of fifteen.  I was not able to get my certificate until the year that I would have graduated, but that was truly the best action taken for me.  I was not aware of the benefits of until years later.  They truly had my back!

And with much love and gratitude, my mom and dad, after the initial transition period, stood firm by my side.  My mom told me that my social worker said that they could either support me and chose family, or resent me and the consequences could be damaging.  So with all their heart and soul they chose support.  I was blessed with the best parents ever!

To say that I would advocate for teenage pregnancy is absurd.  The trials of growing up myself while raising children was a daring and demanding trial.  And thankfully I had the support behind me to make that endeavor successful, after much effort.

The best action that I would recommend is to definitely grow up to be the best person that one can be independently before attempting to raise children themselves.  I was one of the “lucky” ones.  But with all of life’s difficulties, the outcome could have been much different or even devastating.

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