Blessings of Life


I am a lucky lady.  I have made it through tough times.  I have lived through fear.  I have a mental illness and I’m still learning what that’s all about, and I’m pressing on and being enlightend with self-awareness.  I have children who I love with all my heart.  They are my heart and soul.  I understand that with me talking about the past it may be difficult for them, yet they are encouraging and show true maturity and love.  Yes, they are my everything.  I have a husband who I see myself with until death do us part.  The reason I know this is because we BOTH give one hundred percent.  We work at our marriage.  And yes, it is work, but the benefits are worth it.   I have family and friends who support me, as I do them.  And, of course, my angels are around me.  I know this!  I am thankful to God for all of my blessings, and the ability to live each day with purpose.  I have never truly liked the saying Life is Good because of all the heartbreak and pain.  But my motto and as I like to say – God is Good!

Amen and Amen

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