You Are Not Alone

You're not alone

In my life, I have had many jobs including outside of the household and inside of the household, from when I was in my teens and doing demonstrations in other people’s homes, to having a home daycare for years, to being a scholar myself.  I began my nursing career as a Nurses Aide, then started to do the work as a Registered Nurse.  I was and still am a parent to my three wonderful children, and now my blended family with my two granddaughters.  I have worked with my dad as a Human Resource and Payroll Representative, as well as working in the retail business.  I have also been a care-giver to both of my parents, especially with my mom who thankfully I had the opportunity to live with and show my love to her until her last breath.  I have volunteered my time in a few different aspects, but primarily in the field of mental health awareness.

One particular volunteer opportunity I had was the opportunity to work with NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) speaking to organizations, schools, etc… telling my story of living with mental illness and how I achieved happiness and a healthy lifestyle despite my struggle.  This volunteer position was entitled In Our Own Voice.  As with many positions outside of my household in my lifetime, the stress became too much.  Therefore, here I am telling my stories behind the shield of the computer, and in the safety of my home.  It is not that I’m afraid or scared to tell my story.  It is the day-to-day hustle of having to be somewhere at a certain time that brings me complete stress and prompts avoidance or departure.

I am, with a bold voice, taking my vulnerability and showing it to others; that may understand, have some sort of recognition, or desire to learn more of my trials with bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, emotional abuse, or grief.  For others to know that they are not alone is comforting and empowering to those who are struggling with a battle of their own.  Having the ability to share my stories not only lets me be heard, but all of the people who live with mental illness or their family members, or any of the other relatable topics spoken about, also have a place to feel at home, or learn, or have someone to relate to.  Sometimes just knowing that there is someone out there who understands makes a difference in someone’s life.  You are not alone.

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