How Do I Explain

How Do I Explain

Starting to date my husband and having to explain my mental illness to him was a terrifying experience.  He did not understand the term of bipolar, or anything about it.  In his mind, with the things that came out of his mouth, he correlated mental illness with the movie “Carrie”, and he was waiting for the multiple personalities to surface.  It was a new experience for him, and one that was very foreign.

I remember when I began dating my husband even though I was in my late thirties, my dad was the protector of my heart.  My dad frequently would warn my husband that if he would not be able to take what my mental illness had in store for him, he should leave NOW.  This was a frequent reminder that he should not have me become attached and love him, then recognize the fact that our relationship was too much for him.  My dad ultimately wanted him to make that decision right away.  He needed for him to either make a commitment to our relationship with its flaws and all, or leave.

Thankfully, my husband invested his time in learning about my illness and not just taking for granted the misconceptions that were out there.  He even went to my counselor to learn more about who I was (am), and what my mental illness was all about.  He took the time to learn and not feel threatened by the unknown.  

He still has that capability and tries to maintain his rational mind since my bipolar, anxiety, and PTSD has its triggers to think about.  He is amazing.  I’m so thankful I’ve found that one special guy that makes my soul soar.

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