Enjoying the Peace

Pure Happiness

The rain is pouring, a pleasant sound to hear, outside my windows on this fall day.  I have some windows open to give me the fresh new scent.  Inside the lights are on.  It is dark outside – but, with the glowing of light, all I get is the feeling of coziness.  Daisy, my Labrador is at my feet chewing on her knuckle bone – a scratching and gnawing of happiness with every bite.  I’m sipping my new flavor of herbal tea – Black Cherry.  It is an interesting and bolder taste than I like.

This morning has a feeling of pure peace.  Enjoying the here and now is pleasant.  This is something that I must always remember to give myself time for.

The day will unfold as it wants to, but may I be able to be mindful of the moments as they come.  Spending some time right now in my devotional with God is purposeful, and will guide my day.  I will pray for a guidance from above to light my way today.  There is much to be done, much to get accomplished, and enjoy.  But, for now, the peace and serenity is calling my name.  A beautiful day has begun.

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