God’s Grace at Work

Difficult times come and go.  During the time I will refer to back to in March of 2013, my Dad had already died a few years earlier, and my mom was going through an unbelievably hard time with falling down and brain surgery, as well as cancer.  Life appeared too much to handle, but God is good.  The hand of God was felt at a very needed time.

I know that was you God

March 29, 2013

It’s amazing who God puts in your life when you need it.  I was in the Mass General Hospital ICU waiting to go back in to see Mom.  I was having a hard afternoon, but was putting myself back together.  That’s just the way it’s going to be – I’m going to be strong.  I saw a large man walk by me and sit down in the same waiting room.  I don’t remember how our conversation started, but I do know that it was God’s plan.  His name was Tim and he was a pastor visiting one of his parishioners.  We spoke for quite some time.  We talked about my mother and father, and his parents.  He thanked me at one time for letting him know that he’s not alone (long story).  He drove from Maine and I drove from New Hampshire to Boston.  He was such a comfort to my soul and my heart.  He went into the ICU first, and then I went back.  The room he was in was directly across from my mothers, and he smiled.  It was strength, comfort, courage, and hope that I needed, and this kind man was the beautiful person that was put in my path.  When I went back into the ICU, Mom was more alert and I was able to participate in comforting her and helping her move forward.  Thank you Tim, I am so grateful.  Thank you God for your Love.  I sometimes forget how wonderful you are, until I see your grace.

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