The Ending of One Chapter and Moving on to the Next

Love the right person

To have dreams and plans for the future with someone for so long is a wonderful thing.  A marriage – you go through terrible times, and even better blessings that carry you through.  Each new memory with the time that goes by is priceless.  The last thing from your mind is ending it all after decades of life together, and the struggle to gain independence is a brutal challenge.

It is said that marriage is never supposed to be separated.  Once a committment before God is made, you stay with that commitment for the rest of your life.  That, of course, is always the intention.

However when it is realized that the many years spent together were a painful existence and the future years ahead may be your full life experience, an alarming need to move on and away flourishes.  The pain of moving on is terrible beyond words.  A need and want remains for quite some time.  The ability and strength to go to the next chapter of life comes with much struggle.  And a back and forth need for past routine and  personal needs to be met, challenge with a new independence that comes with much fortitude.

Hurting the one that you loved with all your heart for so long is not easy, but necessary to make it through.  There is what seems to be an earnest plead for another chance and a new beginning from that someone, which causes an ache so deep within.  Yet those words have been heard before and before and before.  Hurting is a necessity for a new chance for a new future, a happy future, a beautiful beginning.

This pain must never be discounted or not acknowledged by anyone with an ounce of empathy because it is one of the hardest trials in life.  It is the death of a once known life of two beings.  An insensitive spirit is a tragic mistake.  Support and understanding is needed.

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