A Wise Observation

He Believed in Me

Seeing the beauty of a moment and making a wonderful memory from the most humble of situations is an amazing and glorious experience.  Turning a desperate, hard time into a wondrous and charming event makes life worthwhile.  A Christmas memory as recalled seemed like such a hard time for our family when my children were young.  The ability to buy a Christmas tree was even a difficult thing to afford.  I remember letting the children pick out the tree that year.  All of the trees were the same price (cheap).  We lugged the tree home and made strings of popcorn as garland, as the music played.  There was little to this poor tree.  The limbs were scarce and the ornaments that were given to us were put on the branches.  The branches hung low with each ornament because of the tree being so frail.  It truly was a desperate looking tree, but the beauty of it all was evident.  The kids were impressed with their efforts, and the time was treasured.  My dad would later come over the house and quietly observe the tree with a smirk upon his face.  His response was perfect.  He said, “This is the best Charlie Brown Tree I have ever seen”.  Even the star on top was sort of bending downward.  It was delightful and cherished.

It’s not the quality of what you have that’s important.  It’s the beauty that is seen from within that makes it all worthwhile.  A treasured memory, indeed!

2 thoughts on “A Wise Observation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Truly beautiful, I try to spread the same warmth and happiness into every situation though money is scarce love doesn’t have to be.


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