Strength of Integrity

Stand up for others

What is the problem with some of society that has no comprehension as to the struggle with mental illness?  It is amazing to me that friends, family, and strangers alike have misconceptions and some have no desire to change these thoughts with facts and understanding.  How is it that someone can turn their head to empathy and actually get “tired” of the struggle that someone endures, or the fight to make aware or known the stigma that challenges many on a daily basis?

If it is cancer, does someone say, “Oh there she goes again talking about her illness”.  If there is a relapse and someone feels the need for comfort and encouragement in cancer, it is accepted as a needed  or an encouraged topic for empathy and help.  Why is it that with a relapse in depression, it is a discussion that is to be kept quiet?  Suicide, as well as deaths related to heart disease, cancer, kidney disease and many other causes, stands in the top ten leading causes of deaths per year according to the Center for Disease Control.  A quiet atmosphere to the problems related to mental illness is not what is needed, and a tolerance must be taught and accomplished.

It is alarming that family members can have feelings of being ashamed or a need to hide what is a part of their loved ones life.  It is not that it needs to be shouted from the streets.  However, to avoid the truth is troubling and sends a sign of who truly has strength of integrity.  An admiration needs to be given to those that have that brave and strong character.

Let’s stand with those who want to reveal the truth and learn from the past mistakes of how to handle mental illness, as a whole.  Let’s applaud those people who are not content to stand with misunderstanding, and those who fight for everybody that needs help and encouragement with their illnesses.  Let’s be real about giving everybody a chance to not be included in a cloud of undignified lack of respect, and to shine for their courage and strength obtained during their God-given handed endeavor.

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