Looking for Guidance

There is hope. There is ALWAYS hope. Have faith and move forward, and stand.
Official video by Rascal Flatts.

It’s a wonderful thing how the lyrics of a song can speak right to the heart.  The words can give you strength when needed, fill a void, move us forward, give us determination, and will to achieve.  That is exactly what the lyrics of this song is brilliant for doing.  Stand by Rascal Flatts serves to inspire, make the weakened fight, and to guide and move us toward victory!

During happy, difficult, sad, or any other emotion there is, there is a song to be there with me.  It’s amazing how this brilliantly written song gave me the strength when I needed it so desperately during the time when I left my husband and began moving forward into a new unknown area.  I was scared, lonely, and felt so lost.  This was the first time that I would be on my own.

I went from childhood to adulthood in a…

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