A Beautiful Soul

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My first nursing job was at a Nursing Residence for nuns.  I so enjoyed this job and it was a great stepping stone to more things to come.  Yet the reason I liked this position so much was the company in which I got to spend time with.  The nuns were gracious knowledgable women, and I enjoyed hearing their wisdom.

There was this one nun who was one hundred and one years old.  She was a tiny women and still very independent.  One day she asked me a question, and I recall our conversation so well.  She asked me, “Honey, what religion are you?”.  In response, I told her that I was brought up Catholic, but switched later in life to another religion.  She went on to tell me her thoughts on my answer.  “Oh, that’s OK Honey.  It really doesn’t matter what religion you are.  All that matters is the base of the religion.  It’s like a large tree, if you think about it.  The tree trunk with the roots are at the base, just like God being the base of our beliefs.  And as you go toward the top of the tree you have all the branches, which are all the different religions.  As long as you have the deep roots of the trunk with God, the different branches don’t matter”.

Though this analogy has been used before, her story brought a spin to the meaning for me.  This is the beautiful knowledge from a beautiful soul.  I have never forgotten that conversation.  And I am inclined to spread that wisdom at will.

She was truly a light in this world!

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