The Winding Path


Stress is my precursor to ultimate chaos and inability to handle situations.  Triggers (with my PTSD) cause a hypervigilant response.  I either use the ‘Fight or Flight’ response or I refuse to accept a situation, turn inward, and isolate.  Either way I respond, is a maddening way to live.

I recall so many times with my children growing up, the stress of trying to make the best decisions to guide them into balanced personal growth.  This was a challenge with one of my children.  He had been traumatized as a child and I knew this.  I tried to maintain his happiness and growth, yet my denial of the circumstances causing the problems were evident.  It was my fear that controlled my choices (at times).  This fear of possible loss – at all times.  But above all I knew that I had to fight through this fear.

My ex-husband tried to…

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