Stand Up and Stand Strong


– is the skillful handling, controlling or using of something or someone.  Whether it’s the sculpture you made in art class or how you convinced your friend to do your homework – both are considered manipulation.

– to manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner: to manipulate people’s feelings.


To watch someone with the art of skillful manipulation and not be able to show the one being manipulated by that person their actions, is one of the most frustrating feelings of helplessness.  It is watching someone drown from another’s actions and trying to reach for them and show them how to swim and be strong, but they don’t believe in their capabilities.  Totally frustrating and emotionally draining to the person trying to help the abused.  Crazy!!!

Be aware of these abusers.  They can make someone be their savior and make them believe that the savior is the one who is pushing them under and is the evil one.  How this can be is beyond me.  But to look as an outsider into the entangled mess of chaos, it is an unbelievable poisonous power of capability.  Steer clear and stand up to these people.

This doesn’t mean that they are totally without compassion or decency at times, but they will twist any situation to make themselves look better, or they will give another the blame for what is, in fact, their actions.

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