Conclude the Day With Positivity

How does an uplifting beautiful day turn into an emotionally chaotic day?  Is it because I was productive with the day, but I had so many things to think about today – therefore by mind is interpreting overload?  It seems absurd that the day becomes too much to handle when there are positive results all around.  I felt good today.  I interacted and I had self-assured conversations.  In retrospect though, I realize that the unresolved quantity of the day gives me an unsatisfied perception.  The beautiful positivity of the day turns into emotions of too much to handle.

I believe that these feelings are a part of my need for immediate gratification.  My need for a completeness to the day with a sense of accomplishment is what I desire.  So I’m going to take the advise of my mother and turn the negative feelings into positive.  I will override the negative with the positive, therefore bringing a sense of fulfillment to the day.

Happy Spirit

I’m on my journey and I’ve almost finished my day.  The positive results are everywhere.  I handled myself well.  I helped others.  I helped myself, and my family.  I’m not in control of other’s feelings or responses, that is their journey to handle.  I had many things to control and think about today, and I absolutely did a wonderful job.  I managed the day brilliantly.  What an awesome day!  I may not have concluded all of the overall tasks, but they are one step closer and they were done with absolutely the best quality and dignity. Another day awaits tomorrow.  Bring it on – I’m ready.

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