Laughing and Dancing to Life’s Melody

Life is better when laughing

When I think about the humor in my family it makes me think things were not as serious as my personality always seemed to be.  The humor of my parents added a spark of lighthearted amusing uplifting smiles to situations.  They had the capacity to see the humor in many of life’s challenges and also the dull day to day routines.

I miss those times of laughing.  I need more of that in my life, and this is a new goal for me.  It’s time to see the humor in things and not be so serious.  I need to lose my vigilant awareness of possible criticism.  Life is lived but once.  Time to dance , smile, and have fun.  Time to tap my toes and swirl around to the beat.  I’m now looking for the laughter and the positive side of things.  The rainbow is staring at me brightly after the storm, and the colors are beautiful.

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